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About us

Choosing a trustworthy electrician is harder than ever now, not only for home owners, but for general contractors. We strive to be the one company that every home owner and contractor can always go to for quality, organized, and expert services. We've gained the trust of our customers through our work and communication; Let us provide our 20+ combined years experience to your next electrical project. 

- Services -


New Construction

We specialize in residential new construction projects! With 20+ combined years experience, we've learned to keep up with residential timelines, without decreasing our quality. With the RDP team, we make communication a priority throughout the whole project. 

Remodel & Restorations

Experienced since 1900!

Many electricians have never heard of "Knob-and-Tube wiring". It was the first standardize method of wiring installations , in the US, in the early 1900's ( fun fact). Our knowledge of this method comes from re-wiring hundreds of houses from the early 1900's. With safety always a priority, count on us to NEVER take any short cuts involving our customer's safety.


Renovations and New Construction

We work with many general contractors, property management groups, and private owners to provide outstanding services on light-commercial projects.

Other Services

Residential, Commercial, and Low-Voltage

We also offer stand-by generator installation, low voltage lighting, specialty lighting (parking lots), LED retrofit, and audio/video installation,  



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